Natural Non-sedative Anti-allergic

The prevalence and severity of allergic diseases has been on an uprising trend recently. Blame it on urbanization or changing lifestyle, it affects almost a quarter of the world population in some way or the other.

Ayurveda classifies, “Allergy” an untoward reaction, caused by the accumulation of Ama (toxins) with other triggering factors. According to the ancient treatise Charaka Samhita, disease manifestations are due to either seasonal change (kaalaviparyaya) or allergens (asatmyadravya).


Histantin Tablet

Histantin tablet is a non-steroidal proprietary formulation of Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. that offers complete solution to all types of allergic reactions. Histantin targets the mast cells of human body, that produces histamines causing an allergic reaction.

Unlike other anti-allergic medications, Histantin contains a versatile combination of anti-allergic drugs, which makes it beneficial in different types of allergies. An anti-allergic with excellent anti-histaminic & anti-pruritic actions, Histantin manages allergy without causing sedation and drowsiness. Long term usage does not cause drug dependency and will not hamper with body’s natural immune system. Histantin deals with allergy as described in Ayurvedic texts, it aims at improving body’s defense mechanism through the expulsion of accumulated toxins.

Benefits of Histantin Tablet

 Faster Relief In Alleric Rhinitis

Running nose caused by hypersensitivity to dust and other microscopic particles like pollen grains affect one third of the population. Histantin tablet is very effective in controlling the release of histamines as an allergic response and provides faster relief, naturally.

Works Best In Dermatological Problems

Histantin tablet has proven benefits in dermatological problems like acute and chronic urticaria and pruritus of unknown etiology. It has demonstrated significant result in contact dermatitis and different types of eczema.

Effective Remedy In Food and Drug Sensitivity

Food allergies and drug sensitivity occur all of a sudden and manifest in the most unpredictable ways. Long term usage of Histantin tablet helps in lowering the severity of such incidents and boosts body’s immunity.

No Fear of Drug Dependency

Histantin tablet is a non-steroidal anti-allergic formulation that is safe to use for a prolonged period. It does not cause any sedative effects, nor does it cause drug dependency.

Ayurvedic Herbs in 

Histantin Tablet

Vamsalochanam (Bambusa arundinacea)

  • Dried resin of bamboo
  • Effective in respiratory disorders
  • Beneficial in asthma, cough and dyspnea

Bhunimba (Andrographis paniculata)

  • Renowned for its action on skin diseases due to its blood purification property

  • Effective in respiratory infections
  • Commonly used drug for preventing and treating common cold and flu
  • Rich in anti-oxidants

Prapunnada (dried seed powder of Cassia tora)

  • Widely used in many classical anti-allergic preparation including Nimbadi churna
  • Beneficial for managing dermatological allergic manifestations
  • Possess anti-oxidant and antiseptic properties
  • Helps detoxify blood impurities

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