A complete Post-Natal

Tonic for Every Mother

A healthy motherhood is vital to create a deep connection with mother and the baby. This delicate art of motherhood always requires special and proper care. 

Ayurveda Post natal care aims not only at promoting healthy lactation but also in restoring the lost blood and body fluids, organ state and function, in turn optimal body balance and vigor.



Mathrukalpam is a palatable & highly nutritional tonic that provides rejuvenation for nursing mothers. With the unique blend of dried fruits & nuts like, Dates, Fig & Almond that are combined with Honey and nourishing herb Vidarikanda or Milky Yam (Ipomoea digitata). , Galactogogue – Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) and Rasayana Herbs like Draksha (Vitis vinifera), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) and Padmaka (Nelumbo nucifera), this herbal formulation helps strengthen immunity from within after child birth, treats postpartum haemorrhage, flatulence, hyperacidity, morning sickness, vomiting and promotes general wellbeing while keeping infections at bay. The Phyto-ingredients of this product are useful in improving lactation and toning the uterine muscles thereby results in early postpartum recovery.

Benefits of Mathrukalpam

Improves Lactation and Uterine Health

Dry grapes, fig, badam, apricot, and dates in combination with honey is highly nutritious that helps improve your body health. They contain optimal amounts of iron, zinc, vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium, calcium and magnesium that helps prevent fatigue, anemia, and maintain a healthy lactation. Cumin, dry ginger and Ajwain helps in proper involution of uterus. Involution is nothing but the shrinking of uterus to pre-pregnancy stage. Uterus becomes more or less same size in about 6-8 weeks. Combination of these herbs in Mathrukalpam helps speed up the involution and tones up the uterine muscles

Weight Management Post Delivery

Since Mathrukalpam is free from anabolic steroids, it helps in managing the post-delivery weight when combined with a balanced diet. Hormonal imbalances can also lead to weight gain which would be addressed by this formulation from Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.

Faster Recovery of the Nursing Mother’s Health

This palatable creation improves the nursing mother’s immunity, which in turn speeds up internal healing, corrects nutritional anemia, prevents anorexia, reduces avitaminotic tendencies, and is beneficial in restoring stamina and muscle strength.

Good for the Digestive System

Mathrukalpam acts as an effective carminative and helps improve metabolism and strengthens immunity of mother. It relieves the nursing mother from Dyspepsia and ulcers in the digestive tract and restores normal appetite that helps improve lactation, naturally. It facilitates normal digestion, assimilation, and bowel movement.

Ayurvedic Herbs in

Mathrukalpam Tonic

Draksha (Vitis vinifera)
  • Helps improve your iron levels, and increase hemoglobin percentage
  • It is high in fibres and act as natural laxative.
  • The flavonoids in Draksha help relaxes  blood vessels
  • It supports quick recuperation
Kharjoora phala (Phoenix dactylifera)
  • Dates act as a tonic to strengthen the uterine muscles.
  • It may also minimize the post-delivery bleeding due to the presence of some constricting substances.
  • It can act as galactagogue if used in the daily meal plan of a woman during her lactation period
  • It is rich in dietary fibre  helps in easy bowel movement
  • Helps reduce the risk of anemia caused by post-natal bleeding in nursing mothers
  • It is good for improving bone health
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  • It is an adaptogen that relieves a nursing mother from postpartum stress and anxiety
  • It promotes natural healing and strength
  • Helps decrease inflammation
  • It helps in dealing with gestational diabetes
  • Helps Boost immunity
  • Enhances the production of digestive enzymes
  • Helps increase the total count of haemoglobin in the blood thereby  prevents anemia
  • Helps cleanses the body and helps in weight reduction

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